Wake-up call

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Wake-up call

  • Landslide in Manipur is one of the severest natural disasters in the State.

Compound damages

  • Damage is compounded by landslide debris blocking Ijei river.
  • Can well up water which could inundate low-lying areas if the “dam”-like structure is breached.
  • Weather has hampered pace of rescue efforts.
  • Matter of serious concern as
  • Relatively high number of casualties accompanying these landslides
  • Disasters were “anthropogenically” induced
  • Causes of landslides in Manipur
  • Modification of slopes for construction
  • Widening of road
  • Quarrying for construction materials,
  • Fragile lithography,
  • Complex geological structures and
  • Heavy rainfall

Future course of action

  • State government must look at whether sufficient soil and stability tests were done before choosing the site for railway construction work in the Tupul area.
  • Researchers have corroborated that the areas in western Manipur fall under very high, high or moderate hazard zones.
  • An early warning system for landslides is still being developed and refined by GSI and this could help reduce the scale of such disasters, once deployed across vulnerable States.


  • States in the Northeast are keen on accelerating connectivity projects but disasters such as landslide point to dangers of not taking ecological challenges related to deforestation seriously enough.