Union Minister for Health and Family Welfare launches Revamped CGHS Website and Mobile App

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Union Minister for Health and Family Welfare launches Revamped CGHS Website and Mobile App

  • The user-friendly website will provide easy access to healthcare services to more than 40 Lakh beneficiaries
  • It is an important and timely step powered by India’s increasing digital penetration
  • The basket of services is enlarged with the revamped website, with the newly provided feature of teleconsultation, CGHS beneficiaries can seek expert advice directly through teleconsultation.


  • The Central Government Health Scheme (CGHS) is the nodal healthcare provider to Central Government employees, pensioners, and certain other categories of beneficiaries and their dependents enrolled under the scheme.
  • It caters to the healthcare needs of eligible beneficiaries covering all four pillars of democratic set up in India namely Legislature, Judiciary, Executive and Press and is unique of its kind due to the large volume of its beneficiary base and pan India presence providing healthcare through allopathic as well as indigenous systems of medicine.
  • In order to cater to India’s increasing digital penetration, CGHS has laid emphasis on the delivery of services through various online channels.
  • During last 7 years it has expanded to 72 Cities with more than 38 lakh beneficiaries are covered under the scheme.
  • Although CGHS started in 1954 in New Delhi, wherein till 2014 only 25 cities were covered.
  • CGHS retired pensioners are provided Cashless treatment at empanelled centres which will now be made seamless in the new platform.
  • e-referral module developed by NIC has enabled CGHS dispensaries and wellness centres to issue online referral to empanelled hospitals.

Features of the upgraded CGHS website

  • The Website has been developed in accordance with GIGW (Guidelines for Indian Government Websites).
  • These standards and guidelines make the website 3U compliant i.e., Usable, User-Centric and Universally Accessible.
  • As mandated by the GIGW, the site has been made Bilingual (Hindi and English) with provision to make it multi-lingual in future.
  • The Website interface is intuitive and with ease of accessing desired information.
  • Extensive search facility has been provided to access the website contents.
  • User friendly features have been added for visually impaired persons like audio play of the text and option to increase the font size.
  • There is a direct link to the eSanjeevani Teleconsultation facility through the CGHS website.
  • The website provides link to the online Grievance Portal developed for CGHS beneficiaries with provision for the grievance to be sent directly to the concerned officer with both SMS and email alert to the concerned officer for timely redressal of complaints.
  • The website also has link to beneficiary login for accessing various online facilities such as tracking of Medical Claims, grievances, status of CGHS card, downloading of CGHS card, accessing history of medicines, online appointment system and various other facilities.