Ukraine-Russia conflict altering World governance

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Ukraine-Russia conflict altering World governance

  • Geopolitical experts in West believe that Russia-Ukraine conflict alone would determine not only war and peace but also other critical aspects as well.

A China-Russia link

  • China and Russia have further cemented their relationship and the situation is moving towards a formal alliance.
  • Not all efforts of US including AUKUS, Quad, Partners in the Blue Pacific’ Can stem winds of change sweeping across Pacific and the Indo-Pacific.

India and its neighbourhood

  • Relations with China may continue to remain uncertain and unsatisfactory ,
  • India needs to determine whether Russia can play a role as a ‘trusted friend’.
  • In dealing with China, India might not expect same kind of support it may need from the Quad.
  • China is firm on establishing its dominance and sideline India in Asia.
  • Democratic upsurge in Sri Lanka presents India with new problems.

Churn in west asia

  • As U.S.’s relations with Arab nations in West Asia appear to weaken, Russia and China are beginning to play key roles.
  • India is enlarging its contacts and influence in West Asia.
  • India-Israel relationship dates back to the 1990s
  • India-UAE relationship has blossomed in the past couple of years.
  • India-Iran relations have reached a stalemate of late.
  • India has inveigled into joining a U.S.-based group, I2U2, comprising India, Israel the UAE and the U.S.

Nuclear deterrence

  • Concerns are benign expressed by U.S. academics of an existing gap between India and China in terms of India’s nuclear deterrent capability.