To end period poverty: Scotland first in the world to make products free

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To end period poverty: Scotland first in the world to make products free

  • Scotland has made Period Products freely available to everyone in need after a landmark legislatory approval.
  • The initiative makes Scotland the first country in the world to provide free sanitary products, part of a global effort to end "period poverty".

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Significance of the Move:

  • A massive culture change, where period stigma is no longer being tolerated
  • Gives more emphasis on menstrual well-being and a renewed focus on tackling medical misogyny.
  • Period products would be available at libraries, swimming pools, public gyms, community buildings, town halls. pharmacies and doctors offices.
  • People can find the nearest location with free period products through a mobile app called PickupMyFeriod.

Other Countries with similar measures:

  • Northern Ireland is considering a similar measure,
  • New Zealand and Seoul offer free menstrual products in schools.

Periods and Accessibility to Sanitary Products:

  • The coronavirus pandemic only compounded those issues, according to a 2020 study by the nonprofit Plan International UK The group found that almost a third of girls and women age 14 to 21 had problems that year with either being able to afford or gain access to sanitary products during the first national lockdown.
  • In the US, a 2021 study by George Mason University showed that 14 per cent of women attending college experienced period poverty in 2020.
  • The study found that Latina and Black women were disproportionately affected.