Three shutters of Idukki’s Cheruthoni dam opened

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Three shutters of Idukki’s Cheruthoni dam opened

  • One shutter of the Cheruthoni dam of Idukki reservoir in Kerala was raised by 70 centimetres to discharge excess water from the dam after the water level reached 2384.10 feet

Cheruthoni Dam

  • Location: Idukki District, Kerala, is a 138m tall concrete gravity dam.
  • Built: 1976 as part of the Idukki Hydroelectric Project along with two other dams Idukki and Kulamavu.
  • Aided By: The Government of Canada aided the Project with long-term loans and grants.
  • The water impounded by these three dams of Idukki, Cheruthoni & Kulamavu has formed a single reservoir spread over 60 km2.

Idukki Dam

  • The Idukki Dam is a double curvature arch dam constructed across Periyar River in a narrow gorge between two granite hills and is the tallest double curvature arch dam in Asia.
  • Cheruthoni Dam is located 1 km west of Idukki dam.
  • The spillway of the Idukki Reservoir is in the Cheruthoni dam.
  • Cheruthoni is the largest and highest gravity dam in Kerala.

How Water is Flushed

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Prelims Take Away

  • Location Based Questions
  • Cheruthoni Dam
  • Idukki Reservoir