The world must prioritise equitable health care and also reclaim the earlier normality

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The world must prioritise equitable health care and also reclaim the earlier normality

  • Government has allowed fully vaccinated passengers to skip the mandatory quarantine period.
  • Requirement of compulsory on-arrival testing for passengers from certain countries identified as “at-risk” has also been removed.

Travel Bubble:

  • Involves reconnecting countries or states which have shown a good level of success in containing the Covid-19 pandemic domestically.
  • It allows members of group to restart trade ties with each other and open travel and tourism.
  • According to a report, potential travel bubbles among better-performing countries around the world would account for around 35% of the global Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

India’s travel bubble agreement

  • Currently, India has air bubble agreements with 35 countries.
  • Government earlier decided to resume international flights but withdrew due to Omicron variant.
  • Tourism industry estimates that COVID-19 has caused losses of ₹150 lakh-crore since March 2020.
  • Prior to pandemic, India had at least 1.1 crore inbound tourists, 2.7 crore outbound tourists annually
  • New relaxations appear to be in line to recoup these numbers.

Why it has been done?

  • India’s daily trajectory of fresh COVID-19 cases is declining
  • Speed of readingly declining cases is due to change in testing attitudes, easy availability of rapid antigen tests that can be self-administered.
  • So, More cases being registered outside Government-tracked RT-PCR testing and are not reflecting in official case counts.
  • Relative mildness of Omicron variant, compared to earlier variant,
  • Those infected did not need hospitalisation
  • Availability of vaccines has also contributed to the third wave posing a diminished health threat.
  • Varied results internationally from booster doses, in that they were not enough to deter transmission, led to broader acceptance: coronavirus cannot be eliminated by vaccines alone
  • Can be repelled eventually with mix of approaches, such as wearing masks, vaccination and accepting short lockdowns.


  • The opening of schools and normalising of air travel imply that world must learn to prioritise equitable health care and improve hygiene
  • Also, move forward, reclaim and repair social and economic remnants of pre-pandemic period.