The four-day work week might soon be a reality

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The four-day work week might soon be a reality

  • Idea of a four-day week against the usual five-day work week has been mooted for decades.

Significance of Shorter Work-Week

  • Economically beneficial for employer
  • Reduces office costs
  • As per Microsoft, 23% dip in electricity costs
  • Increases employment in the economy
  • Increases worker productivity and well-being
  • Gains for women
  • Positive step toward gender equality and women’s career progression.
  • May push men to take up more unpaid domestic work.
  • Ensure work-life balance

Is India Ready for Shorter Work-Weak?

  • 60% preferred four-day work week as it will improve employee productivity and well-being.
  • Central government is set to roll out new labour codes
  • Minimum of 48 hours per week required to work
  • Employee will have to work for 12 hours on each working day.
  • Not increase productivity as increased per day hours of work demotivate employees.