Studying menstrual disturbances post COVID-19 vaccination

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Studying menstrual disturbances post COVID-19 vaccination

  • Recently Instances of excessive or unexpected menstrual bleeding after COVID-19 inoculation were investigated.

Observations from the study

  • 42% of people with regular menstrual cycles bleed more heavily than usual.
  • 44% reported no change after being vaccinated.
  • Respondents who do not menstruate reported breakthrough bleeding.
  • Increased/breakthrough bleeding was associated with age, systemic vaccine side effects, history of pregnancy or birth, and ethnicity.

Negligence by many

  • Typical vaccine trial protocols do not monitor major adverse events for more than seven days.
  • Follow-up communications do not inquire about menstrual cycles or bleeding.
  • Manufacturers didn’t address the extent to which this observation was coincidence or side effect of the vaccines.
  • Medical doctors and public health experts denied any relationship between vaccine administration and menstrual changes.

International Journal of Women’s Health - Its findings

  • 66.3% of women experienced menstrual abnormalities after vaccination.
  • 30.5%: Symptoms appeared after a week
  • 86.8%: Within a month
  • 93.6%: symptoms within two months.
  • Majority (46.7%) had symptoms after the first dose
  • 32.4% after second dose
  • 20.9% after both doses.
  • Type of vaccine didn’t make a difference.

No harm to long-term fertility

  • Uterine reproductive system is flexible and adaptable to stress to weather short-term challenges that leaves long-term fertility intact.
  • Less severe, short-term stressors can influence menstrual cycling and menstruation.
  • Speed and coverage of current COVID-19 pandemic and vaccination campaign may have highlighted under-recognised side effect of especially immunogenic vaccines administered in adulthood.