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  • President of India will inaugurate a famous Hindu shrine SRI RAMNA KALI MANDIR on December 17, 2021.
  • It is located in Dhaka (Bangladesh).
  • It was destroyed by the Pakistani forces during the war of 1971.


  • The temple was completely destroyed by Pakistani forces during heinous Operation Searchlight in 1971.
  • The Ramna Kali Bari used to be a famous landmark of Dhaka where a Kali temple stood for centuries.
  • The temple and the temple complex housing many residents were targeted on March 27, 1971, a day after the beginning of the Operation Searchlight of the Pakistan army that targeted the political Opposition and the religious minorities of East Pakistan.
  • India supported the renovation and conservation of the historic temple with the help of the Government of Bangladesh.
  • The inauguration comes 50 years after Pakistan was defeated in 1971.

Bangladesh Liberation War and Operation Searchlight

  • Causes:
  • Language Movement, 1948
  • Disparities in the economic status of both sides
  • Bengali attempt to revolt to earn respect for their language was met with severe suppression from the authorities.
  • 1970 elections - Mujibur Rahman’s Awami League won a clear majority. But, the military in Pakistan was opposed to him becoming the country’s supremo.
  • Yahya Khan’s military government was unwilling to give up power to Mujib.
  • 25th March 1971, the Pakistani army started the infamous ‘Operation Searchlight’
  • West Pakistan authorities would not give legitimate power to Mujib, he declared the country’s independence on 26 March.
  • Guerrilla war started between the Pakistani army and their collaborators who were called Razakars and the Bangladeshi liberation forces ‘Mukti Bahini’.
  • Pakistani forces started attacking civilians in Bangladesh, millions of refugees came to India
  • Many Bengali soldiers from the Pakistan army defected to the Bengali side to fight for independence.
  • Indian forces were helping by giving arms and training to the soldiers of the Mukti Bahini.
  • India entered into combat officially on 3 December 1971 when Pakistan attacked Indian Air Force Bases.
  • 16 December 1971, Pakistan surrendered. India won the war and Bangladesh became a free country.
  • India played a key part in Bangladesh achieving recognition from other countries of the world.
  • PM Indira Gandhi toured several countries to publicise the atrocities conducted by the Pakistani military in Bangladesh.
  • To ensure a smooth transition, in 1972 the Simla Agreement was signed between India and Pakistan.
  • The treaty ensured that Pakistan recognised the independence of Bangladesh in exchange for the return of the Pakistani PoWs.
  • India treated all the PoWs in strict accordance with the Geneva Convention, rule 1925.
  • It released more than 93,000 Pakistani PoWs in five months."