Sea Dragon 22 exercise

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Sea Dragon 22 exercise

  • A multi-lateral anti-submarine warfare exercise in the Pacific Ocean.
  • The exercise began on January 5 along with the navies of India, Australia, Canada, Japan and South Korea.
  • India, Japan, Australia and America are also part of the Quad, and also participate in the Malabar exercise.

About the exercise:

  • Sea Dragon is a US-led multi-national exercise designed to practice and discuss Anti-submarine warfare tactics to operate together in response to traditional and non-traditional maritime security challenges in the Indo-Pacific region.
  • It is an annual exercise.
  • It is significant in terms of strained relations that some countries have with China and the growing forays of the PLA-Navy into the Indian ocean region.
  • The Indian Navy has recently inducted two more Poseidon 8I maritime reconnaissance and anti-submarine warfare aircraft, which would further boost its ability to keep an eye over the Chinese ships and submarines in the region.

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