Saving Chenkurinji from climate change

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Saving Chenkurinji from climate change

  • The Shendurney Wildlife Sanctuary derives its name from Gluta travancorica, a species endemic to the Agasthyamala Biosphere Reserve which is locally known as ‘Chenkurinji’.

About the species

  • Chenkurinji belongs to the Anacardiaceae family.
  • Gluta travancorica was once abundant in the hills on the southern parts of the Aryankavu Pass in Kerala’s Kollam district, but its presence has depleted as it is very susceptible to climate change.
  • The tree was widely seen in places such as Pandimala, Vilakkumaram and Rosemala.
  • The tree is also seen inside the shola forests near Ponmudi, but effective pollination hardly takes place in this shola habitat.
  • The tree is said to have medicinal properties and is used to treat high blood pressure and arthritis.
  • The heartwood is sturdy with deep red colour, and trees were felled for wood earlier.