Sarthak Krishi Yojana, a Framework to Transform Agriculture in India

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Sarthak Krishi Yojana, a Framework to Transform Agriculture in India

  • India lacks a focused managerial framework to transform agriculture.
  • Sarthak Krishi Yojana advocates measures to develop this sector.

Findings of Sarthak Krishi Yojana

  • 1999 to 2012: India’s farming sector recorded highest growth, production and farmer income.
  • But, this productivity lagged other nations by large margin.
  • In last two agricultural seasons, India’s farming has been devastated by inclement weather
  • India need an integrated, managerial framework for agriculture

Major recommendations

  • Agriculture is a state subject: Developing consensus with states and executing a national agenda should be exercised by the Central government.
  • Holistic national framework to address agricultural problems could derive lessons from the way India industrialized.
  • Holistic plan should encompass five pillars:
  • Technology incubation: Outcome-based technology, policy encouraging research, innovation and incubation.
  • Risk institutions and financing: Banks and financial institutions to help promote technology infusion, insurance and mechanization.
  • Institutions of governance: Promote farmer producer organizations to be agri SMEs/ MSMEs.
  • Policy for farming: Focus on improving human and farm productivity.
  • Skilling: Agricultural technical training institutes


  • To ensure the success of the Sarthak Krishi Yojana, it should be a collaboratively driven project with states.