PM’s Development Initiative for North East (PM-DevINE)

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PM’s Development Initiative for North East (PM-DevINE)

  • The Budget 2022-23 provided for a new scheme, Prime Minister’s Development Initiative for North East (PM-DevINE) will be implemented through the North-Eastern Council.
  • It will fund infrastructure, in the spirit of PM GatiShakti, and social development projects based on the felt needs of the northeast.
  • This will enable livelihood activities for youth and women, filling the gaps in various sectors.

What is PM-DevINE scheme?

  • Government announced PM-DevINE scheme, withan initial allotment of Rs 1,500 crore.
  • It stands for “Prime Minister’s Development Initiative for North-East”.
  • The scheme aims to fund infrastructure and need-based social development, including one-of-a-kind ‘Bamboo Link Roads’ in Mizoram.

Bamboo Link Roads

  • Bamboo Link Roads will be constructed in Mizoram, under the PM-DevINE scheme.
  • These roads will help in transporting bamboo from forests.
  • It will also help in management of paediatric and adult hematolymphoid (head and neck) cancers in north-east region.

How Mizoram will gain?

  • Mizoram will gain the maximum with the launch of two projects:
  • Pilot project for construction of bamboo link road. Roads will be constructed at different locations in several districts of the state at a tentative cost of Rs 100 crore.
  • Construction of Aizawl By-pass for Rs 500 crore, on western side.

Who will implement the PM-DevINE scheme?

  • The PM-DevINE scheme will be implemented through North Eastern Council (NEC). However, this scheme is not a substitute for existing central or state schemes.

Significance of the scheme

  • The PM-DevINE scheme will fund “infrastructure in line with PM GatiShakti and social development projects”.
  • Funding will be done on the basis of felt needs of the northeast. Scheme would enable livelihood activities for youth and women. It will also help in filling the gaps across various sectors.

What are other projects?

  • Establishment of Dedicated Services for “Management of Paediatric and Adult Hematolymphoid Cancers” in North Eastern states.
  • NECTAR Livelihood Improvement Project (Multi-State).
  • Promotion of Scientific Organic Agriculture in North East Indian (Multi-State).
  • Gap funding for passenger ropeway system for Pelling to Sanga-Choeling in West Sikkim.
  • Gap funding for eco-friendly cable car, from Dhapper to Bhaleydhunga in South Sikkim.