New technique to measure the Detection of spin coherence in cold atoms

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New technique to measure the Detection of spin coherence in cold atoms

  • All the matter that exists in the Universe is made up of atoms.
  • In the past centuries, scientists have explored atoms and how they work at quantum levels.
  • On similar lines, A team of Scientists from Raman Research Institute, Bangalore have developed a new technique to measure the correlations between waves in atomic systems or spin coherences that are long-lived at ultralow temperatures.

The Study

  • The work has been financially supported by funding from DST (Department of Science and Technology) and MeitY (Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology).
  • The study explores the new property of atomic systems at low temperatures which can come in handy in efficient quantum sensing and quantum information processing for application in quantum computation and secure communication.
  • It will also help in real-time dynamics of quantum phenomena such as quantum phase transitions in a non-invasive manner.

Why this study is a breakthrough?

  • The team of scientists recorded the spin properties of atoms cooled to micro-Kelvin temperatures using the new method they have devised.
  • Quantum properties dominate over everyday classical observations at this temperature – very near absolute zero temperature, and it is for the first time that spin dynamics have been detected at this temperature regime using polarization fluctuation measurements.
  • According to the team, this technology can be used to make devices that can precisely detect small magnetic fields, which have important applications in mining and prospecting.
  • The work also has important applications in biomedical imaging, where time-resolved measurements of small magnetic fields are required.