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  • Southwest monsoon has entered an “active” phase.

Onset on monsoon

  • Timing of the monsoon is good as it's the peak season for sowing kharif crops.
  • 24 meteorological subdivisions recorded 90% or less of their normal precipitation for June.
  • Absence of easterly winds resulted in much of South Peninsula, Central and Northwest India getting localized rain at best.
  • Winds from southwest took monsoon clouds to Northeast, causing floods and landslides in North East India
  • Formation of a low pressure area over north Odisha and strong westerly winds from Arabian Sea should help sustain current “active” monsoon conditions.

Cause of concern

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  • Indian Ocean Dipole (IOD) can cause concern.
  • Many global weather models suggest a “strong negative” IOD developing by August.
  • Eastern Indian Ocean waters off Indonesia and Australia turn unusually warm relative to the western part, increasing rainfall activity there at the expense of the subcontinent.
  • It can impact monsoon’s performance in the second half of the season.
  • IOD’s effects should be offset by prevalence of La Niña conditions.
  • Abnormal cooling of eastern Pacific waters, generally favourable for Indian monsoon.


  • Wet July and August is what both producers and consumers of food in India need.