Masai plateau in Kolhapur among 12 new conservation reserves in state

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Masai plateau in Kolhapur among 12 new conservation reserves in state

  • Maharashtra will have 12 new conservation reserves, including Masai plateau in Kolhapur and Dare Khurd in Satara, with an area covering 692.74 sq km and two new sanctuaries with an area of 298.61 sq km.
  • Ten wildlife areas have been marked as endangered.

Masai Plateau

  • It is Situated 7km from Panhala fort and 25km from Kolhapur city and is made up of 10 small inter-connected plateaus.
  • It’s much bigger than the table land at Panchgani.
  • The plateau is nearly 5km long and has a temple of goddess Masai over it.
  • The entire plateau gets a look of flower carpet, just like Kaas that is known as the valley of flowers.
  • The western Maharashtra region had eight conservation reserves in its surroundings. Masai plateau is the ninth one to be added to the list.

Conservation Reserve

  • Conservation Reserve is a notified protected area, which acts as a buffer zone or migration corridor between the established sanctuaries and the protected forest areas.
  • Tillari in the south of Sahyadri mountain section to Jor-Jambhali in the north of Sahyadri has now become a single stretch and it would help in migration of wildlife without man-animal conflicts.

Prelims Take Away

  • Location Based Question
  • Kaas Plateau
  • Masai Plateau
  • New conservation reserves
  • Panhala fort
  • Lonar Lake
  • Temple of goddess Masai