Long-range Supersonic Missile Assisted Torpedo

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Long-range Supersonic Missile Assisted Torpedo

  • Giving a major strength to the Indian Navy, Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) has successfully launched a long-range Supersonic Missile Assisted Torpedo (SMART) off the coast of Balasore in Odisha today.
  • The next generation missile-based standoff torpedo delivery system has been developed and designed to give fillip to anti-submarine warfare capability of the Indian Navy.

About Supersonic Missile Assisted Torpedo (SMART)

  • Torpedo is a self-propelled underwater explosive device launched above or below the water surface with an explosive warhead to eliminate a target.
  • SMART is a missile assisted release of the lightweight Anti-Submarine Torpedo System for Anti-Submarine Warfare or ASW operations far beyond Torpedo range.
  • The missile can strike a target far beyond the conventional range of the torpedo.
  • The canister-based missile system comprises advanced technologies viz. two stage solid propulsion, precision inertial navigation and electro-mechanical actuators.
  • Notably, several DRDO laboratories worked together to develop various technologies for the advanced missile system.
  • Further, Industry participation was also there for the development and production of various sub-systems.