Kerala empowers local bodies to cull wild boars

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Kerala empowers local bodies to cull wild boars

  • Kerala government has empowered local bodies to cull wild boars that pose a threat to agriculture crops or human life.
  • Cabinet had decided to appoint the chairpersons of local bodies as honorary wildlife wardens after the Central government turned down a suggestion by the State to declare wild boars as vermin.

Wildlife Warden

  • Section 4 of the Wildlife (Protection) Act. 1972 empowers the State Government to appoint (a) a Chief Wildlife Warden (b) Wildlife Wardens; and (c) such other officers and employees as may be necessary for the purposes of the Act.
  • Section 11-B (1) of the Wildlife (Protection) Act 1972 provides powers to the Chief Wildlife Warden (CWW) to issue special orders to kill wild animals, if the officer is satisfied that a particular animal has become dangerous to human life or property.

Vermin Animal

  • As per Section 62 of the Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972, States can send a list of wild animals to the Centre requesting it to declare them vermin for selective slaughter.
  • Wildlife laws divide species into ‘schedules’ ranked from I to V.
    • Schedule I members are the best protected, in theory, with severe punishments meted out to those who hunt them.
  • Wild boars, nilgai and rhesus monkeys are Schedule II and III members, it is also protected, but can be hunted under specific conditions.

Schedules of Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972

Schedule I and II* Animals that are in the category of endangered species. <br>* These are given absolute protection from hunting. <br>* Eg. Tiger
Schedule III and IV* These also have roughly the same provisions of Section I and II, but cover animals that are not in danger of becoming extinct.
Schedule V* Delineates animals that can be hunted with the prior permission of Chief Wildlife Warden. (Vermins)
Schedule VI* Concerns cultivation and plant life and gives teeth to setting up more protected animal parks.

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  • Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972
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