Kerala Assembly passes a unanimous resolution on ESZs

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Kerala Assembly passes a unanimous resolution on ESZs

  • Kerala Assembly passed a resolution urging Centre to exempt the State from declaring eco-sensitive zones (ESZ) of one km around wildlife sanctuaries and national parks.

Key highlights

  • It called for legislation that could enable the State to overcome the Supreme Court directive in this regard.
  • Inclusion of such areas within notified zones will affect large sections in State where forests constitute nearly 30% of the entire geographical area.
  • Western Ghats region in Kerala is spread across 48% of total area.
  • State has numerous wetlands and is densely populated and has been witnessing dwindling space for habitation.

Eco-Sensitive Zones (ESZs)

  • Eco-Sensitive Zones or Ecologically Fragile Areas are areas within 10 kms around Protected Areas, National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries.
  • Notified by MoEFCC under Environment Protection Act 1986.

Prelims take away

  • Eco-Sensitive Zones (ESZs)
  • Environment Protection Act 1986