Is NATO stronger after Ukraine invasion?

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Is NATO stronger after Ukraine invasion?

  • Leaders of NATO are Meeting in Madrid amidst the continuing war in Ukraine to decide on integrating Sweden and Finland into NATO.

Status of NATO

  • Before the Ukraine war
  • NATO appeared to be weakened
  • Former U.S. President Donald Trump, frequently asked members to contribute higher amounts to use U.S.’s protective umbrella threatening NATO’s unity and solidarity.
  • Unilateral decision of U.S. to pull out of Afghanistan undermined collective spirit of NATO.
  • During the course of Ukraine war:
  • Strengthened the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.
  • NATO allies committed to finance organisation’s military needs.
  • Their combined defence investments have increased.

Challenges to NATO:

  • Pressures from rising inflation and high energy and food prices even as they have had to finance weaponry and critical war supplies to Ukraine.
  • Destabilising economic ripple effects of the war in Ukraine would be hard for the member nations of NATO to bear.
  • This could undermine the unity of NATO.

What happens next?

  • NATO appears fortified and ready to face Russia, there is a real risk that the member-nations are getting increasingly frustrated.
  • Unending economic pain to meet the burgeoning demand for weapons and other military support required by Ukraine to hold on to its territories in the east.