India will consume semiconductors of $ 80 bn to manufacture electronics worth $ 300 bn: MoS IT

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India will consume semiconductors of $ 80 bn to manufacture electronics worth $ 300 bn: MoS IT

  • The government will achieve the target of establishing a semiconductor ecosystem in the country based on the interest it is getting from around the globe.

Electronics Vision Document

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  • Demand for digital devices and electronics products is only going up.
  • The government announced a target of USD 300 billion in electronic manufacturing, with USD 120 billion in exports.
  • Domestic consumption will be almost USD 70-80 billion for semiconductors.

Semicon India 2022

It is a comprehensive Semicon India programme, with a cost of INR 76,000 crore and will focus on the building of a sustainable semiconductor and display ecosystem.

  • It was established as an independent business division within Digital India Corporation with administrative and financial autonomy.
  • Aim: to formulate and drive India's long-term strategies for the development of semiconductor and display manufacturing facilities, as well as the semiconductor design ecosystem.
  • The Semicon India Program intends to provide attractive incentive support to firms and consortia involved in:
    • Silicon Semiconductor Fabs,
    • Display Fabs,
    • Compound Semiconductors / Silicon Photonics / Sensors Fabs,
    • Semiconductor Packaging (ATMP / OSAT),
    • Semiconductor Design.

Semiconductor Manufacturing

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The government has received proposals from five companies for setting up the electronic chip and display manufacturing plants with an investment of Rs 1.53 lakh crore.

  • It is under the Semicon India Programme, which entailed incentives to the tune of Rs 76,000 crore.
  • Vedanta Foxconn JV, IGSS Ventures and ISMC have proposed to set up electronic chip manufacturing plants with USD 13.6 billion investment.
  • They have sought the support of USD 5.6 billion from the Center under the Rs 76,000 crore Semicon India Programme.


India is emerging as a largest exporter of smartphones in present time, in order to make it more comprehensive semiconductor manufacturing is must.

  • With the Semicon India programme India is moving forward with strong steps to achieve it completely.

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  • India’s Electronics Vision Document
  • Semicon India 2022
  • Semiconductor Manufacturing status

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Q. India’s Semicon Vision programme could be the benchmark initiative to make India independent in semiconductor manufacturing, comment.