India needs a comprehensive plan for climate adaptation and mitigation

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India needs a comprehensive plan for climate adaptation and mitigation

  • India still see wrath of nature as reason behind extreme weather events seen recenlty rather than anthropogenic global warming.
  • India needs a two-part approach to tackle climate change:
    • Adapt by building resilience against weather extremes
    • Mitigate environmental destruction

Mitigation and adaptation

  • Measures to prevent Heatwaves:
  • Promote agricultural practices which are not water-intensive
  • Support afforestation
  • Financial transfers to help farmers plant trees and buy equipment
  • Insurance schemes
  • Floods and storms
  • Stronger guidelines to avoid construction in locations with drainages.
  • Map flood-risk zones to manage vulnerable regions.
  • EIA must be mandatory for commercial projects.
  • Build round-shaped houses to reduce strength of winds.
  • Mitigating climate change
  • Leading emitters must move away from fossil fuels.
  • Regulation needs to be tightened and enforced
  • Ensure forest protection while acquiring land.

Climate finance

  • India’s share in disaster management should be raised to 2.5% of GDP.
  • Tap large-scale global funding from World Bank, IMF and Asian Development Bank.
  • States can tap into Union government’s resources.
  • MGNREGA funds can be used for climate adaptation.
  • Compensatory payment to local self-government for climate adaptation.