India adds five more Ramsar sites

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India adds five more Ramsar sites

  • India has added five more Ramsar sites bringing total no. of such sites in the country to 54.

Key Highlights

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  • Three wetlands in Tamil Nadu
  • Karikili Bird Sanctuary
  • Pallikaranai Marsh Reserve Forest
  • Pichavaram Mangrove
  • One in Mizoram - Pala wetland
  • Geographical location: Indo-Burma biodiversity hotspot.
  • It is a major component of Palak Wildlife Sanctuary.
  • Hosts several globally threatened species, such as sambar deer, Asiatic black bear, slow loris, and Hoolock gibbon.
  • Provides refuge and breeding ground for IUCN red-listed critically endangered species of animals.
    • Such as: yellow tortoise, Southeast Asian giant tortoise and black softshell turtle.
  • One in Madhya Pradesh - Sakhya Sagar
  • Created from Manier river in 1918
  • It is located near Madhav National Park in Shivpuri district of MP.
  • India’s Ramsar wetlands are spread over 10% of total wetland area in the country, across 18 States.
  • No other South Asian country has as many sites.
  • U.K. (175) and Mexico (142) have the most Ramsar sites.
  • Bolivia spans largest area with 1,48,000 under Convention protection.
  • Criteria for Being designated a Ramsar site:
  • It must meet at least one of nine criteria defined by Ramsar Convention of 1961

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