In a new high, Thailand becomes first in Asia to make marijuana legal

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In a new high, Thailand becomes first in Asia to make marijuana legal

  • Thailand made it legal to cultivate and possess marijuana, like a dream come true for an aging generation of pot smokers who recall the kick the legendary Thai Stick variety delivered.

Why is it legalized in Thailand?

  • for medical use of marijuana.
  • a well developed medical tourism industry and its tropical climate is ideal for growing cannabis.
  • prefers to build an awareness that would be better than patrolling to check on people and using the law to punish them.
  • nat least 4,000 people imprisoned for offenses relating to cannabis will be released.
  • Economic benefits are at the heart of the marijuana reforms, projected to boost everything from national income to small farmers’ livelihoods.

Uses and Guidelines:

  • The country’s public health minister to distribute 1 million marijuana seedlings has added to the impression that Thailand is turning into a weed wonderland.
  • no effort to police what people can grow and smoke at home, aside from registering to do so, and declaring it is for medical purposes.
  • for medical use only, warning those eager to light up for fun that smoking in public could still be considered to be a nuisance, subject to a potential 3-month sentence and 25,000 Thai baht ($780) fine.
  • And extracted content, such as oil, remains illegal if it contains more than 0.2% of tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, the chemical that makes people high.
  • The status of marijuana is still in considerable legal limbo because while it is no longer treated as a dangerous drug, Thai lawmakers have yet to pass legislation to regulate its trade.
  • Thailand has become the first nation in Asia to decriminalize marijuana/cannabis/ganja but it is not following the examples of Uruguay and Canada, the only two countries so far that have legalized recreational marijuana on a national basis.


  • Whether the benefits will be distributed equitably.
  • Giant corporations could be unfairly served by proposed regulations involving complicated licensing processes and expensive fees for commercial use that would handicap small producers.
    • For example alcohol businesses in Thailand, only large-scale producers are allowed to monopolize the market.
    • A similar thing can happen to the cannabis industry if the rules are in favor of big business
    • Small operators are keen to move into the marijuana sector anyway.

Prelims takeaway:

  • Marijuana uses
  • Thailand location based
  • Marijuana legalization