Goyal: Getting half-baked deal on TRIPS waiver

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Goyal: Getting half-baked deal on TRIPS waiver

  • Geneva: Expressing concerns over the way some developed countries are nitpicking on the proposal of patent waiver to deal with Covid under the aegis of the WTO.
  • The Commerce Minister said nations that are supporting the proposal are getting completely half-baked deals and that will not allow them to make any vaccines.

Rejects fisheries subsidy text

  • Rejecting the current text on fisheries subsidy negotiations, India said WTO members engaged in distant water fishing should stop providing any kind of subsidies for 25 years as they provide higher support measures and are indiscriminately exploiting the fisheries resources.
  • Meanwhile India strongly pitched to members for finding a permanent solution to the issue of public stockholding of grains for food security programmes.

Prelims Takeaway

  • WTO
  • Fisheries subsidy and Public stockholding of grains under WTO