France scraps migrant talks with U.K.

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France scraps migrant talks with U.K.

  • France scrapped planned talks with the U.K. about migrant crossings.
  • Planned talks were scrapped after an “unacceptable” letter from British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, pushing relations to new lows after 27 people died in the Channel.
  • France slammed the British premier for not being “serious,” in a dramatic deterioration of a relationship severely strained by Brexit.

France- U.K

  • Relations between the two neighbours were already seen as their most tense in decades following a series of disputes over Brexit.
  • The anger in Paris was sparked by Mr. Johnson’s decision to send a letter to Mr. Macron evening proposing ways to stop migrants crossing from France to Britain.
  • Analysts say the lack of trust and goodwill will make it more difficult to mount a coordinated response to the growing numbers of people seeking to cross the narrow but treacherous waterway separating the countries.

France- U.K - Dispute

  • In a dispute that also derives from the intensifying animosity between the two countries, French fishermen started blocking access to ports in northern France to try to heap pressure on the U.K. over post-Brexit fishing licenses.
  • They plan to block freight using the Eurotunnel between Britain and France later Friday. Shares in tunnel operator Getlink slumped in Paris.
  • The U.K. and France have been at loggerheads on issues from defense to trade since Britain’s divorce from the European Union.
  • There are personal tensions, too, between Johnson and French President Emmanuel Macron, evident in the fallout over Australia’s decision in September to ditch a French submarine contract in favor of an agreement with the U.S. and the U.K.
  • The rift has hampered efforts to agree a joint approach to tackling the small boats crisis in the Channel.
  • After at least 27 died when their boat capsized, the U.K criticized France for not doing enough to prevent people from making the crossings.
  • France has already repeatedly rejected the idea of joint patrols on sovereignty grounds. The idea of a returns agreement is also politically sensitive — in the U.K. and across Europe.
  • The Indo-Pacific security partnership, Aukus, announced last month by the US, Australia and UK, cost France a multibillion-euro submarine deal with Australia.
  • Most profound reason for the rift remains Brexit and its fallout, with the French infuriated by what they see as London’s refusal to implement – and desire to relitigate – key parts of the agreement
  • British viewing Paris as hellbent on punishing the UK for having had the temerity to leave the EU.

France- U.K - Solution

  • The two sides failed to resolve the dispute but vowed to press on with efforts to find a solution through dialogue.
  • France has urged a ""rapid solution"" to the ongoing post-Brexit fishing row with Britain
  • Under a deal agreed by Britain and the EU , European fishing vessels can continue to fish in UK waters if they operated there in the past.
  • France and UK have to set aside the personnal dispute in order to solve migrants , fishermen and other important disputes.