Farmers set to strike gold with flowers

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Farmers set to strike gold with flowers

On-farm trial carried out by the Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK), Sadanandapuram, has opened up new prospects for farmers as the flowers have a huge demand during Onam and other festivals.

Research around Marigold varieties

  • The research team had opted for three varieties developed by Indian Agricultural Research Institute that include Pusa Bahar, Pusa Basanti, and Pusa Narangi.
  • While the first two varieties yield yellow flowers, Pusa Narangi flowers are orange in colour. Through the trial Pusa Bahar adapted well to Kerala’s climatic conditions and the yield too was good.
  • Demand for marigold soars during two seasons and the farmers can start cultivation mainly targeting the Onam market.

Harvest after 80 days

  • The flowers can be harvested 80 days after planting and the farmers can set up nurseries by the second week of May.
  • After Onam, planting time can be adjusted as per Christmas and Sabarimala seasons.
  • The plants normally start flowering 45-60 days after transplanting and the yield will reach maximum after 80 days of planting.

Prelims Takeaway

  • Marigold & Varieties