Expanding ambit of NCW need of hour

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Expanding ambit of NCW need of hour

  • There is a need to promote women entrepreneurs in the country.
  • Women’s participation in the growth cycle of New India is on the rise.
  • Women’s commissions must ensure that women’s role in entrepreneurship is recognised and promoted, as per Indian PM on 30th Foundation day Of NCW.

National Commission of Women

  • The National Commission for Women Act of 1990 established it as a statutory organisation in January 1992.
  • Its aim is to work toward achieving equality and equal involvement for women in all aspects of life by ensuring their due rights and entitlements by appropriate policy formation, legislative measures, and other means.
  • Its responsibilities include:
  1. Reviewing the constitutional and legal protections for women.
  2. Recommend legislative changes to address the problem.
  3. Facilitate the resolving of grievances.
  4. Advise the government on any issues impacting women's rights.