Ending the Ukraine war in an imperfect wor

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Ending the Ukraine war in an imperfect wor

  • The Ukraine war which began as a European conflict has global repercussions.

The inevitable conflict

  • Russia invaded Ukraine in February, 2022 in gross violation of UN Charter and international law.
  • NATO forgot that cost of its expansion goes up as it gets closer to Russian border.
  • 2005: 11 former East European and Baltic states had joined NATO.
  • 2008: US pushed for opening membership for Ukraine and Georgia.
  • France and Germany blocked a time-frame for implementation.
  • Later Russia intervened in Georgia on the grounds of protecting Russian minorities, taking over the neighbouring provinces of Abkhazia and South Ossetia.
  • 2014: Russia annexed Crimea
  • Pro-Russia separatists, assisted by Russian mercenaries, created autonomous regions in eastern Ukraine.
  • Post-2014: NATO continued to strengthen its relationship with Ukraine by providing training and equipment.
  • 2020: made Ukraine a NATO Enhanced Opportunity Partner.
  • 2019: UK entered into a cooperation agreement with Ukraine to develop two new naval ports
  • Ochakiv on Black Sea and
  • Berdyansk on the Sea of Azov.
    • Russia saw it as potentially threatening.

How wars end

  • Russia anticipated short, sharp conflict, collapse of Kiev regime , and lack of NATO cohesion.
  • It had to readjust its aims as it has been a long and brutal war.
  • G-7, EU and NATO have displayed cohesion and Ukrainians have shown grit and motivation.
  • Talks are needed, b/w Ukraine and Russia and with NATO and U.S. playing an outsize role behind the scenes to end the crisis.


  • Longer the war continues, Greater the suffering for the Ukrainians.
  • As Ukraine loses more territory, its bargaining position will be weakened.
  • Sooner the war ceases, the better it is for Ukrainians, Russians and the world.