ECI hosts International Election Visitors Programme 2022

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ECI hosts International Election Visitors Programme 2022

  • It is hosted virtually for Election Management Bodies (EMBs) from nearly 32 Countries and four international organizations.
  • Over 150 delegates from nearly 32 countries participated in IEVP 2022 through virtual mode.


  • India has been hosting the International Election Visitors Programme (IEVP) since the 2012 elections.
  • International delegates are invited to visit the Polling stations and see the electoral processes in practice for themselves in person.
  • During the Covid pandemic, IEVP in India has not been discontinued and continues to be held in an innovative virtual mode.

Activities Involved

  • Recorded video shots of the poll activities from the five states were shown to the participants.
  • Live streaming of today’s poll activities from polling stations in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh.
  • Detailed briefing session of the electoral process.

Elections during COVID pandemic

  • Despite COVID-19 pandemic posing several logistical challenges, India yet again conducted elections in five States with 183.4 million electors.
  • In view of COVID social distancing norms and reduced number of electors at polling stations, Increase of nearly 31,000 polling stations from previous elections of 2017.
  • Special adaptive changes to mitigate the risk of spread of covid-19 and making the polling stations a safe place for the voters.
  • Virtual mode of campaigning, stress on total vaccination status, regular interactions with health authorities, helped ECI ensure COVID safe elections.
  • Due to challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, three broad objectives:
  1. Covid safe Elections,
  2. Hassle-free comfortable voting experience,
  3. Maximum voter participation.
  • The Commission took a graded response keeping a balance between candidates' and parties' right to campaigning and with the evolving COVID-19 situation(ensuring safety of voters and polling personnel).


  • The ECIs association with Election Management Bodies across the world provides a platform for exchange of ideas and sharing of experiences, best practices and skills in the field of Electoral Management with various countries.
  • The International Election Visitors Programme interactions in India and initiatives learn from each other’s experiences to adopt best practices suited for their specific requirements.