Drones to drop balls with 11 lakh seeds

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Drones to drop balls with 11 lakh seeds

  • Major step to turn the Yogula Parvatham hillocks south of Tirupati greener
  • A whopping 11 lakh seeds are set to be sown on the hillocks abutting the Rayalacheruvu tank.

Yogula Parvatham Initiative

  • The local folklore states that the hillock was home to many saints and sages in the past.
  • Eleven lakh seeds mixed in clay are moulded in the shape of balls, to be air-dropped over the hillocks.
  • As the shrub jungle is prone to frequent forest fires, killing its inhabitants like small mammals, reptiles and insects.
  • The Ekaveera Seva Foundation came up with an idea to plant 31 different varieties of massive trees with a wider canopy.
  • This will also ensure a permanent habitat and make the region rich with biodiversity, attracting visiting animals and birds.