Differences over Russia dominate G-20 meeting

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Differences over Russia dominate G-20 meeting

  • G20 Foreign Ministers’ Meeting was hosted at Bali, Indonesia.
  • Summit ended with no joint statement, and no announcements of any agreements being reached.
  • First face-to-face meeting between Russia and critics of its war.

Key highlights

  • Important sessions held
  • Strengthening multilateralism.
    • Explored joint actions to strengthen global collaboration and foster mutual trust among countries.
    • Aim: create an enabling environment that will support world stability, peace, and development.
  • On Food and Energy crisis
    • Discussed strategic actions to combat food insecurity, fertilizer shortage, and rising global commodity prices.
  • Called for an end to the war and grain blockade in Ukraine
  • Differences within G-20 grouping was visible
  • Russia accused US of forcing Europe and rest of the world to abandon cheap energy sources.
  • U.S. blamed Moscow for global food insecurity.
  • Ukraine war and its economic fallouts are hinting at division within global groupings.
  • U.S., EU, Japan, Canada, Australia and France are forming one anti-Russia block.

Prelims take away

  • G- 20
  • Location based questions