Data opportunity at the G20

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Data opportunity at the G20

  • India has recently withdrawn it Data Protection Bill and working to issue a new draft. G20 provides anopportunity to dicuss and focus more on importance and significance of data regulation.

Data sovereignty of India

  • Definition: A broad notion that supports the assertion of sovereign writ over data generated by citizens within a country’s physical boundaries.
  • Issues:
  • Concept violates the principle of “free and open internet”.
  • Hampers innovation and economic growth,
  • A ruse for authoritarian digital governance.

Pillars of India’s Data Diplomacy

  • India’s data for India’s development
  • ‘Digital India’ programme views data as the cornerstone of India’s socio economic future
  • Cross-border data flows and digital trade
  • India has been an active participant in the ongoing contestation on regulating cross-border data flows.
  • Securitising the economic
  • Safeguarding its citizens’ data from external threats.

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Other Countries on Data Regulations:

  • US issued an executive order on promoting competition in the American economy that pushed for the use of antitrust policy to meet the challenges posed by the rise of dominant platforms, and surveillance.
  • European Union introduced a bevy of digital rules that place individual users centre-stage, and enhancing their data security.
  • G20: Provides a viable platform to discuss data, particularly sharing and transfer as it is the apex forum to discuss global economic issues

Way Forward for India

  • At G20 forum Indian government should present a holistic agenda that embeds data collection and sharing within a broader framework that prioritises digital security, innovation, and citizen rights.
  • India’s digital economy stewardship must transcend data localisation by highlighting best practices on data protection, competition law, data stewardship, and responsible artificial intelligence both in India and other G20 countries.
  • India needs a ‘more comprehensive framework’ that addresses related concerns like cybersecurity