Corbevax gets emergency use nod for 12-18 age group

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Corbevax gets emergency use nod for 12-18 age group

  • Hyderabad-based Biological E’s Covid-19 vaccine Corbevax was given emergency use nod for the 12-18 age group by the Drugs Controller General of India (DCGI)
  • Currently Bharat Biotech’s Covaxin is only administered in India for this age group


  • It is India’s first indigenously developed Receptor Binding Domain (RBD) protein subunit vaccine against Covid-19.
  • It received emergency use authorization for the adult population in December last year.
  • It is built on the traditional subunit vaccine platform.
  • Instead of using the whole virus, the platform triggers an immune response by using its fragments, like the spike protein.
  • The sub-unit vaccine contains harmless S-protein.
  • Once the human immune system recognises the S-protein, it produces antibodies as white blood cells that fight the infection.


  • It has been developed by the company Bharat Biotech India (BBIL) in collaboration with ICMR’s National Institute of Virology (NIV).
  • It is an “inactivated” vaccine
  • It is made by using particles of the Covid-19 virus that were killed, making them unable to infect or replicate.
  • Injecting particular doses of these particles serves to build immunity by helping the body create antibodies against the dead virus

Other vaccines approved by DCGI in India

  • Covishield:

  • It is a Recombinant Chimpanzee Adenovirus vector vaccine (Covishield), encoding the SARS-CoV-2 Spike (S) glycoprotein

  • It is a ""non-replicating viral vector""

  • It makes use of another weakened and genetically modified virus, it is based on viral vector based technology

  • It carries the code to make the spike protein that is the spike on the surface of the virus.

  • It is supposed that the immune system of the body will recognise this protein as a threat and work on building antibodies against it.

  • It is being developed by AstraZeneca and the University of Oxford.

  • It is developed and manufactured by the Serum Institute of India(SII) through a licence from AstraZeneca and Oxford.

  • Sputnik V: it is created using different Human Adenoviruses

  • It is a two-dose vaccine.

  • Its efficacy is 91%

  • Sputnik V vaccine is manufactured using vector based platform

  • It is developed by Gamleya Research Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology in Moscow.

  • It is distributed in India by Dr Reddy’s laboratory.

  • ZyCov – D: it is the second indigenous vaccine next to COVAXIN

  • It is developed on plasmid DNA i.e a piece of DNA of the weakened or killed virus is being used

  • When this DNA piece is injected into the body, the human immune systems learn to respond against the virus.

  • The plasmid is produced using E Coli cells.

  • Its unique feature is that it is needle less vaccine

  • Its efficacy is 66.6%

  • It is developed by the Indian Pharmaceutical company Cadila Healthcare