Conversion, unless forced, is not prohibited

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Conversion, unless forced, is not prohibited

  • The Delhi HC observed that a religious conversion, unless forced, is not prohibited as every person has the right guaranteed under the Constitution to choose or profess any religion.

What Is in the Petition?

  • Seeking directions to frame laws to prohibit religious conversions by
    • intimidation or threat,
    • deceivingly luring a person through gifts and monetary benefits,
    • using black magic and superstition.
  • Mass conversions of socially and economically underprivileged people, particularly those belonging to STs and SCs, are happening.
  • Religious conversion by luring offends Articles 14, 15, 21, and 25 of the Constitution and the principles of secularism.

Other Remarks by HC:

  • Conversion is not prohibited.
  • It’s a right of an individual to profess any religion, religion of his birth, or religion that he chooses to profess. That’s the freedom our Constitution grants.
  • Social media is no data
    • Newspapers, social media, and WhatsApp cannot be relied upon for facts.
  • If someone is coerced into converting then that is the person’s prerogative.

Prelims Takeaway:

  • Right to Freedom of Religion