Congo to auction land to oil firms

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Congo to auction land to oil firms

  • Congo, home to the largest old-growth rainforests on Earth is auctioning land to become new destination for oil investments.

Associated concerns

  • Land to be auctioned covers
  • Virunga National Park, world's most important gorilla sanctuary
  • Tropical peatlands that store vast amounts of carbon
  • Global climate catastrophe will occur If oil exploitation takes place in these areas.

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Global action

  • At Glasgow summit, Congo endorsed 10-year agreement to protect its rainforest, part of Congo Basin, which is second in size only to the Amazon.
  • Since then, world's immediate priorities have shifted.
  • Russia's invasion of Ukraine raised oil prices and led to American and British bans on Russian energy.
  • Norway, leading advocate of saving forests, is increasing oil production
  • US President who pledged to decrease the use of fossil fuels, recently raised need for more oil production.
  • Amidst all, Congo President said now its priority is not to save planet.

Prelims Take Away

  • Location based questions
  • Glasgow summit
  • Virunga National Park