Clearing CM Foreign Trips

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Clearing CM Foreign Trips

  • Delhi Chief Minister has questioned Centre on the delay to clear his trip to attend the World Cities Summit in Singapore.

To travel abroad the CM has to:

  • Inform Cabinet Secretariat with prior political and FCRA clearances.
  • Copy of application must be sent to Department of Economic Affairs.

Different officers need different additional clearances.

  • CM, ministers of state governments and state officials: DEA.
  • Union ministers: MEA (additional clearance from PM).
  • Lok Sabha MPs: Speaker of lok sabha
  • Rajya Sabha members: Chairperson (Vice President of India).
  • Officers of various ministries up to Joint Secretary level: Concerned Ministry, after political clearance.

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Do judges need clearance for foreign trips?

  • SC or HC judge has to send proposal to Department of Justice (DoJ) after taking clearance from Chief Justice of India.
  • Before approving, DoJ takes
  • Political clearance from MEA
  • FCRA Clearance from MHA
  • Judges do not need clearance for personal foreign trips.