Celebrating the unknown, the unsung, and the underappreciated

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Celebrating the unknown, the unsung, and the underappreciated

  • Alluri Sitarama Raju was a brave freedom fighter who revolted strongly against British Rule.
  • In his honour, his bronze statue is being unveiled by Prime Minister today.

Highlights of his Life

  • He believed in armed struggle and fought for the liberation of the tribals.
  • He opposed the Madras Forest Act, 1882, which prohibited the tribes from indulging in podu (shift cultivation) and exploited their right to collect minor forest produce.
  • He made Adivasi areas of the Visakhapatnam and Godavari districts his home and worked for the education and empowerment of tribal communities.
  • He had a deep understanding of the forest terrain and knowledge about the skilful use of tribal war tactics.
  • He led the Rampa Rebellion which raged from August 1922 to May 1924.
  • He mounted raids for seizing arms and ammunitions from police stations in tribal areas.
  • The raids were carried out in broad daylight after serving advance notice.
  • His bravery is widely recognised across the nation.