BSF launches Operation Sard Hawa

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BSF launches Operation Sard Hawa

  • Under the operation, the BSF increases the surveillance in the Pakistan border.
  • The Operations aims to check the instances of infiltration due to the dense fog cover in the region and increase security on the border areas in Jaisalmer.
  • The week-long operation has been launched on 21 January 2021 and will continue till 27 January 2021, keeping in view Republic Day of India.

Approach to Operation Sard Hawa

  • This operation has been launched by the BSF ahead of the Republic day.
  • Special checkpoints will be set up along the border under Operation Sard Hawa.
  • The operation will be into force till January 27, 2021.
  • It has been launched to provide an enhanced security in the region in the backdrop of dense fog and the Republic day.
  • Under the operation, the BSF will keep eyes on the India’s international border with Pakistan.
  • BSF will patrol the region surrounding the border with advanced weapons in the police station, under the operation.
  • For this purpose, the number of jawans have been increased.
  • For the successful completion of the operation, the BSF will tie up with the intelligence wing of Border Security Force.
  • Under the operation, the BSF will also be monitoring the borders through advanced vehicles apart from the foot point trekking.

How is Operation Sard Hawa conducted

  • The officers and personnel stay close the border.
  • Frequent patrolling are conducted.
  • The intelligence wing is kept on active mode during the operation.
  • The number of soldiers deployed in the border is increased.
  • The soldiers patrol the areas near police stations with advanced weapons.
  • Also, the Jawans monitor the border areas in camels, foot point trekking.
  • They also check on pedestrian intruders.

About Border Security Force(BSF)

  • The Border Security Force of India is the “First line of Defence that protects the Indian Territories at the international borders.
  • This force was established in the year 1965 during the Indo-Pakistan war.
  • The force is engaged in enhancing the security to reduce the infiltration.
  • The force is headed by an officer from Indian Police Service.
  • It also assists the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) and the Indian Army during the counter-insurgency operations.

Why is Operation Sard Hawa Important

  • Apart from knowing the details of Operation Sard Hawa for UPSC, it is also necessary to know why this operation is important.
  • Operation Sard Hawa is important because it protects the nation from possible infiltration of ill-intentioned persons from the Pakistan border.
  • Taking advantage of the fog that is likely to cover interior desert regions in winter, infiltrators pass into India’s borders.
  • Hence, the operation is very vital for the security of the nation during the winter months.
  • Moreover, this operation is also important so that the sanctity of our Republic Day parade is not compromised. Keeping the parade in Delhi in mind, this operation is carried out with a specialized task force.


  • The ceasefire violations have dipped in the borders recently. During such times, the Pakistan army uses proxy wars to attack India.
  • Therefore, it is essential for the border security force to stay on high alert. This is why Operation Sard Hawa is important.