BRICS supports dialogue between Russia, Ukraine

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BRICS supports dialogue between Russia, Ukraine

  • The Russian President called for the strengthening of BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa).
  • Modi focussed on the importance of BRICS in the post-pandemic global economic recovery.
  • The Chinese President called upon members to reject the “Cold War mentality” and oppose what he called “unilateral sanctions” by the U.S. and the European Union.

Meeting point

  • Mr. Modi said the BRICS countries had a “very similar view of the governance of the global economy”.
  • He hailed “practical” cooperation in a number of areas:
  • The New Development Bank
  • A satellite agreement
  • A COVID Research and Development Centre set up in South Africa
  • The mutual recognition of pharma products, including COVID vaccines and medicines.

Beijing Summit Declaration

  • BRICS countries recalled their national positions as expressed at the United Nations over the past few months.
  • BRICS support talks between Russia and Ukraine. We have also discussed our concerns over the humanitarian situation in and around Ukraine and expressed our support to efforts of the UN Secretary-General, UN Agencies and ICRC to provide humanitarian assistance in accordance with the basic principles of humanity, neutrality and impartiality.
  • While discussing terrorism and terror cooperation, the BRICS countries said that only the UN Security council has the authority for imposing sanctions.

India - China Bilateral

  • NO Bilateral summit since the PLA transgressions in April 2020.
  • India and China have together attended several multilateral meetings of the BRICS, SCO and G-20.
  • China advocated BRICS grouping of emerging economies to encourage “true multilateralism” in the world and “urge the world to reject the Cold War mentality and bloc confrontation, oppose unilateral sanctions and abuse of sanctions.”

Prelims Takeaway

  • BRICS Summit