Biden, Xi hold talks amid Taiwan row

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Biden, Xi hold talks amid Taiwan row

  • U.S. and China held a phone meeting amid rising tensions, most recently on the possible visit of the U.S. House Speaker to Taiwan.

Highlights of talk

  • The call was their first since March — and the fifth since Mr. Biden took office — and came amid fears of a new Taiwan crisis, adding to a long list of tensions on matters ranging from trade to the South China Sea.
  • China had stepped up its warnings and said the U.S. would bear all the consequences if the visit, which would mark the most high-level engagement between the U.S. and Taiwan since 1997, went ahead.
  • Observers pinned their hopes on the call as providing a last possible off-ramp. Mr. Biden is expected to make the case that the U.S. cannot veto a visit by a House Speaker representing a different branch of government.
  • Mr. Xi, for his part, might demand a reiteration from Mr. Biden of his government’s commitment to its “One China” policy.