Bhutan is going to open its tourism industry post pandemic

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Bhutan is going to open its tourism industry post pandemic

  • After over two years of the COVID-19-induced lockdown, Bhutan will open its doors to tourists with a new expensive policy for Indians and other foreign tourists.

Post COVID Tourism Policy of Bhutan

  • Shift from mass tourism to “high value, low volume” tourism.
  • Removal of minimum daily package rate
  • Increase in Sustainable Development Fee from $65 to $200.
  • For Indian tourists:
  • ₹1,200 per day to be paid as per the Tourism Levy Act in 2020

Bhutan and China boundary issues

  • Both have signed a three-step process and are hopeful that the government in China and Bhutan will be able to find a suitable date for the next expert group meeting.
  • Indian government is aware of the situation at Doklam.
  • Bilateral talks between China and Bhutan are entirely a matter between two countries as long as it doesn’t touch the trilateral junction, that is.

Way ahead

  • Decisions having interests of all the countries involved, including China, India and Bhutan should be kept and the interests of the three countries are not compromised.
  • After COVID, countries now need to be much more sensitive about each other.