Air sports in the country to have an oversight body

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Air sports in the country to have an oversight body

  • The Minister for Civil Aviation, unveiled the National Air Sports Policy.


  • For the first time in India, air sports such as paragliding or hot-air ballooning will come under a four-tier governance structure.
  • Four-tier structure: The ASFI at the top, followed by national associations for individual sports and their regional and district-level units.
  • Air Sports Federation of India (ASFI) as the apex body which will oversee aspects such as regulation, certification, accidents and penalties.

Significance of National Air Sports Policy:

  • Air sports industry in India:
    • Worth ₹80-100 crore at present,
    • Employment generation- with nearly 5,000 providers, which could grow 10 times in terms of revenue and yield 1 lakh direct jobs apart from a multiplier impact on the economy.
    • Ability to transform into a huge industry.
  • Sports that will come within its ambit are aeromodelling, model rocketry, amateur-built and experimental aircraft, ballooning, drones, gliding, powered gliding, parachuting, paramotoring, powered aircraft and rotorcraft.

About ASFI:

  • The ASFI will be an autonomous body under the Ministry of Civil Aviation (MoCA)
  • Represent India at global platforms
  • It will be chaired by the Secretary, MoCA, who will nominate up to three eminent experts related to air sports as members of the ASFI governing council.
  • Initially, these bodies will receive financial support from MoCA.
  • The government will also look at various incentives to encourage the sport such as reducing the GST on air sports equipment from 18%-28% to 5% or less.

Prelims Takeaway:

  • National Air Sports Policy
  • ASFI