70 elephants died in Karnataka in 2021

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70 elephants died in Karnataka in 2021

  • Karnataka, which harbours around 6,000 elephants in the wild as per the 2017 census, has lost 70 of them due to various reasons in 2021.

Causes of deaths:

  • 15 were attributed to unnatural causes,
    • 10 due to electrocution.
    • One elephant in a train accident,
    • Another was shot,
    • one elephant died due to injuries caused by snares
    • The cause of death was not ascertained in one case.
  • The remaining were classified as death due to natural causes.

Mortality Data:

  • mortality details of elephants in the State that have been uploaded by the Forest Department.
  • While the deaths due to natural causes are not reckoned to be worrying given the elephant population range in the State.
    • The deaths due to electrocution alone underline the prevailing human elephant conflict in the State.
    • the elephants were not targeted because the illegally powered fences installed by the farmers were meant to prevent wild boars though elephants do die in the process
  • Location-mainly found in the southern parts

Prelims Takeaway:

  • Elephant population distribution in india
  • Elephant population Census