10 Pacific island nations reject China security pact

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10 Pacific island nations reject China security pact

  • China fell short on a bold plan to have 10 Pacific nations endorse a sweeping new agreement covering everything from security to fisheries as some in the region expressed deep concerns.

Chinese plan in the Pacific

  • To get the 10 nations to endorse a pre-written agreement as part of a joint communique.
    • The nations hadn't endorsed China's plan.
  • The proposed multilateral agreement included :
    • Plan to train Pacific police officers.
    • To collaborate on traditional and non-traditional security and expand law enforcement cooperation.
    • Plans to jointly develop a marine plan for fisheries
      • To capture the Pacific's lucrative tuna
    • To increase cooperation on running the region's internet networks, and set up cultural Confucius Institutes.
    • To set up a free trade area with the Pacific nations.
  • Plenty of smaller wins: China has signed bilateral agreements with smaller Placific nations

Regional Concerns

  • China's opaque military and financial ambitions in the region
  • May further heighten geopolitical tensions and threaten regional stability.
  • U.S. Response: Recognized China as a serious threat to global stability than Russia
    • May result in US Policy shift

Prelims Takeaway

  • Pacific region’s geography
  • Island Nations