The Sant Tukaram temple and its significance

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The Sant Tukaram temple and its significance

  • The Prime Minister will inaugurate the Sant TukaramShila Mandir in the temple town of Dehu in Pune district.
  • Shila refers to a rock that is currently on the Dehu Sansthan temple premises, and that for centuries has been the starting point of Wari, the annual pilgrimage to Pandharpur.

The Shila Mandir

  • The Bhakti saint Sant Tukaram had sat on this piece of rock for 13 continuous days when challenged about the authenticity of the Abhyangs he had written.
  • Prior to this, the saint had immersed his entire work in the Indrayani river, the work miraculously reappeared after 13 days, proving their authenticity.
  • The very rock where Sant Tukaram Maharaj sat became a place of pilgrimage for the Warkari sect.

The Warkari sect

  • Sant Tukaram and his work are central to the Warkari sect spread across Maharashtra.
  • His message about a casteless society and his denial of rituals had led to a social movement.
  • Sant Tukaram is credited with starting the Wari pilgrimage.

Prelims Takeaway

  • Warkari sect
  • Sant Tukaram and his message